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September 6, 2020
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Energy Efficient Light Bulbs: What's Right for You?

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Now that we as a society are becoming more energy efficient and environmentally minded in general, it's a great time to think about swapping some of your old, conventional light bulbs in favor of some specialty light bulbs that will save you a little money and perhaps be a little greener for our planet. But choosing these more energy efficient light bulbs can be confusing if you're not sure what options are available, and how they'll work for you. Like conventional light bulbs, energy efficient light bulbs come in many applications and styles for you to choose from. Use the following as your guide to specialty light bulbs as you choose the replacements for your home.

Spiral CFL's: CFL's or Compact Fluorescent Lamps are the most common of energy efficient lighting. They give off as much light as a conventional light bulb, but use much less energy and therefore cost less. They can be swapped out with most of the existing conventional light bulbs in your home, and you can even have them set up on dimmers. CFL's come in different options such as soft light, natural light and day light.

Covered A-Shape: A-Shaped bulbs are a great option if you prefer the look of traditional bulbs to the spiral CFL's, yet still want the energy efficiency of the CFL's. The technology effectively combines the two so you get the best of both worlds. Use them wherever you use conventional light bulbs and watch your energy bill change.

Indoor Reflectors: These bulbs are great for directional lighting, such as the recessed lighting commonly found in many kitchens and bathrooms. They resemble an outdoor flood light but are for indoor use only. Use Outdoor Reflectors for your outdoor applications, they are sealed against the elements and safer for you the consumer.

Covered Globe: Covered globe bulbs are commonly found in bathrooms and dressing rooms where the bulbs are meant to be seen. Keep in mind that these energy efficient globe CFL's will take some time to warm up and reach their full capacity for brightness. They will still reach the brightness of conventional light bulbs, yet use far less energy.

Once you replace the conventional light bulbs throughout your home, you'll notice a dramatic difference in your energy costs. Not only are they much more efficient, but you can rest assured knowing that you're doing your part to help the environment.


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