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August 9, 2020
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Do-It-yourself Tips for Installing a Skylight

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Skylights are meant to let the natural light come in through the ceilings. These are actually the alternatives to the harsh lighting system which consumes a lot of electricity. Hence, many of the homeowners install these in order to cut down the electricity bills. Besides this, skylights play an important role from a home decoration perspective. To make them a bit more personal, these can be installed in various colors, sizes, shapes and types.
The installation of a skylight is easier than the installation of a window. No doubt, you can look for a professional only to get the skylight installed in your room, however, you can also do it by your own if you know how to get the job done. Below are the tips for do-it-yourself if it is about skylight installation Toronto:
Step 1: Get a measuring tape and then draw a line with the help of a chalk. While drawing the lines keep a 3 inch gap on each side of the skylight. After that, put the device at the center of the hole and tightly secure it with the screws. Also, never forget to clear the extra stones or gravel.
Step 2: Cut out some 8 inch paper strips from a wide roofing paper. Start from the bottom and slide the paper strips underneath the gravels on all the four sides. After that gently remove the nails to install the roofing paper.
Step 3: Get a flashing piece and wrap it at the bottom of the skylight glass. While wrapping the flashing piece make sure it remains flat and covers the top area completely. If needed, you can screw some nails to the skylight side which ensures that it is wrapped properly.
Step 4: Continue wrapping the flashing pieces right from the bottom to the upwards. Also make sure that the flashing pieces are overlapping to the next ones with a distance of a 4 inch on all the sides.
Step 5: Remove a hard flashing piece from the bottom of the skylight and fix all the side flashing pieces. This may not require special care, however you cannot take it lightly as well.
A successful completion of installing a skylight will definitely give you a sense of achievement. So continue the work once you start the installation process. Besides proper installation, what matter is the quality of your skylight. So, make sure you get the best quality skylight.
Moreover, you are not sure about the successful completion of the undertaken task, then you should never continue the work. This will not result in the waste of time, but also the waste of your money. So, think properly and start only if you are confident enough.


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